Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Excitement! :)

I was looking at last night. When I went to the site, the very top job advertised as being the most recent post at that time caught my attention. It was: Third grade teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School in Conway Springs, KS. Why do I write this on my blog? Well, you see, I grew up in Conway Springs. I attended elementary school (grades 1-6) at St. Joseph. Since first grade, I've wanted to teach there. Even as I've neared the completion of my bachelor's degree, when people ask me where I'd like to teach, I tell them that my top choice is St. Joseph's in Conway Springs. I really did not think that would be possible for several years, though. Conway Springs is one of those small towns where people come and rarely leave. However, I will say that since I was in third grade, they actually have gone through a handful of teachers in third grade and above (they had a lot of out of town people come teach there and then they moved out- most of them to Wichita). However, the primary grade teachers have mostly taught there for YEARS.
In some ways, I get put in a dilemna now because of this. I definitely prefer Kindergarten or First Grade. However, this is my top choice school. So... do I take my top choice school or my top choice grade level into higher consideration? AH! What to do, what to do...
Anyway, here's my plan: I'm going to mail my application to St. Joseph's by this weekend at the latest. Hopefully, I'll get an interview. However, I'm going to apply for other jobs, in particular Kindergarten or First Grade positions. Hopefully, I get an interview or two there as well. Then... whatever school offers me a job first, as long as I see the school as a good fit for me, I will accept that position. I do NOT want to turn down a position in hopes of another position and then end up not getting a teaching job. I have dreamed of being a teacher for far too long now to allow that to happen. I am SO ready to be in a classroom, teaching students. So my plan is to apply, apply, apply! Since I have Friday off school this week, I'll work on mailing out applications at that time. I have and will continue to entrust it all to God. He will lead me to the position and school where He knows I'd be best and would grow the most. He is in control here, not me. I'll do my part to get things moving, but then I trust Him to open the door that He desires for me. Then, I'll go with that and follow Him whereever He leads.

In other news, yesterday Karla (my CT) made me present Settle On In (there's tons of videos related to the Treasures units, which is our Reading program) and some other teacher blogs to the rest of the first grade team. I LOVED sharing some of the great blogs and activities I've found. It made me feel valuable. I realize how much of a team player I am. I love the activities I've found and love sharing those to better help ALL of our students learn, not just my class. The other teachers seemed to really enjoy and like the things we found on the blogs. I'm hoping they'll spend a little time on some and find lots of great activities for their students!


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