Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giveaway and Exciting Things

The Teacher Wife is having an awesome giveaway for $15 to HeidiSongs and winner's choice of any 3 items from her TpT store. How awesome!

In other news, I won my very first giveaway earlier this afternoon. I won "Furry Forest Friends" from Teacher Bits and Bobs. It looks awesome. I'm so excited to use it in a classroom soon! Go check it out!

I was also able to get a blog button from Ms. M. Unfortunately, I probably won't get it added to my blog for a few days. I am super excited for it, but unfortunately, I am pretty busy right now. I leave at noon Thursday (13 hours from now!) to drive to North Carolina. My entire family is renting a beach house in Nags Head for a week. SO EXCITED! Because of that, I've been shopping and packing, need to get at least a little bit of sleep tonight, then have to run errands and pack the car. Then, I'll be on the road for 2 days and without internet. Who knows if I'll get the new button put on my blog while in North Carolina- hopefully, it's warm enough and sunny so we can sight see and enjoy laying out on the beach so blogging might just have to wait. We'll see how things go once I get there.

I changed the name of my blog. I originally had Staying Young With Children because it's the ONLY thing I could think of at the time of setting up my blog. I thought of what makes up a teacher's heart and qualities of good teachers... so with those thoughts came the idea to change my blog name to The Teacher's Heart. I already like this blog name better.

I went to help clean out a Kindergarten classroom today for a teacher I worked with last semester. Today was the last day for the teachers! Woohoo. I've been going into one classroom or another ever since finishing my student teaching so I'm just as excited as the teachers are. Other than still not having a job for next year, it's been a great and exciting day with exciting things to come on my trip for the next week and a half!


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