Saturday, June 11, 2011

Space Mission: writing prompt

Before I started our Space Exploration unit, I created a writing prompt for my first grade students. I partly wanted to get an idea of what they knew already about space and I partly wanted to give them time to write and draw creatively. Unfortunately, I made it very quickly and before I had accumulated new fonts and graphics. So tonight, I decided to revamp my space writing prompt. This is the very first thing I've used special fonts on so please let me know what you think! Having just graduated less than a month ago, I'm still new to the world of creating classroom activities, especially with cute fonts and clip arts so I'll take any advice, comments, or critiques you have.

Unfortunately, I do not yet know how to put up a picture of the document to link the download via a picture of the activity. Actually, I think I can handle attaching a picture and linking the picture. My problem lies in how to go about getting a picture of it when I only have it on my computer. I could print it and then take a picture with my camera, but that requires a printer, which I do not have at home. I'm thinking I can probably take a screen shot of it, but I can't recall right off how to take screen shots on my Mac and I'm too tired to figure it out right now. So that's my next goal in terms of creating activities for the blogging world... I will learn a way to include a picture of it. I have all summer, as I also look for a teaching job, to figure it out. I can usually figure it out myself with a little bit of time so hopefully soon I'll have it figure out to make it easier for everyone to see the activity before having to click on it. Anyway, click here to view and download my space writing prompt.

Update: Here's a snapshot of the document on my computer. I'll keep working on discovering how all the other great teacher bloggers put up pictures of their documents and then how to link to the picture. But for now, this is better than no picture at all, I guess.


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